Dementia Test Score Breakdown

Thank you for completing the MMSE dementia test. Your results have been submitted to your GP and they will be in contact with you soon.

This test is designed to determine your level of thinking ability, which will give an indicator of your cognitive impairment and help establish whether you may be suffering from Alzheimers or Dementia.

Test Scoring

The Scoring for the dementia test is as follows:

ScoreLevel of Dementia
24 and higherNormal cognition: no dementia
19-23Mild Dementia
10-18Moderate Dementia
9 and lowerSevere Dementia

Please remember that these results are a rough guide and do not offer a definitive diagnosis. Wait until your doctor has been in contact with you before you take any action.

Next Steps

In the meantime, before your GP is in contact, there are is a wealth of value resources available to support people who may be suffering from dementia.

These resources are linked below:

Dementia UK

Alzheimer’s Society

NHS help and Support